Caring for the environment drives growth for textile firms

Data presented at XXI Textile Observatory in Como

The Como textile district continues to expand despite the difficult global economic climate, say studies presented at the Como Textile Observatory. The numbers speak loud and clear: the 153 companies targeted in Intesa Sanpaolo Analysis and Research Department's research project posted expanding revenues in 2014, up to 1.876 billion euro (1.798 billion the previous year). Such healthy growth in Como's textile sector has been seen for five consecutive years, this year's figures above the Italian average. Why? On the one hand there's the decision to focus on high-end consumers, investing in creativity, training, technological research and system-building, on the other the shrewd choice to pursue certified environmental management systems and reduce the toxicity of production. Alfonso Saibene Canepa, Supply Chain and Sustainability Manager for the Canepa Group, revealed the findings. Canepa started its journey towards sustainability in 2008 with investments and activities which led to the development of the SAVEtheWATER® patent in 2014.

Through this, the company made significant overall savings in water and energy as well as eliminating hazardous chemical substances. New industrial processes enabled the company to cut its environmental emissions of microplastic particles, benefiting both consumers and the environment.


Published on 25 November 2015

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