Première Vision Paris

From 19 to 21 September, Canepa will present its AW 2018-19 collections

Canepa will be at Première Vision Paris, showcasing all our new clothing and accessory fabric collections. Once again, Canepa will present its new products, united around sustainability, a topic close to our hearts as we have developed ecological patents and made constant investments in innovation which increasingly enhance our commitment to all things green. After the first collection “Canepa Greenlab”, presented at the previous edition of the French event, it is now time for a second capsule collection, strong and poetic at the same time, revolutionizing the main theme of the year: “Across the line”. The key features of the new style direction are polyester, acetate and wool, which is woven with sustainable synthetic threads with opaque and soft shades. The subtle tones contrast with the shiny and bright colours of acetate, combined with the more stable shades of polyester. It is a journey described by lines which intertwine and overlap: the graphics of geometric roses flow into subtle outlines depicting the skyline of an imaginary city, which is then invaded by street art. This new collection gives a simple account of neo-expressionism through futuristic graffiti softened by the use of fringes and curved lines. When it comes to scarves, Canepa has decided to focus special attention on SAVEtheWATER® to create sophisticated accessories. Classic geometric patterns are enhanced by finishing techniques which make the fabrics both comfortable and extremely chic, while a return to Scottish tweed patterns overlap with minimal autumnal motifs. Finally, classic combinations create original scarves which can become oversize coats.


Published on 12 September 2017

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