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9 projects in 10 years for a more sustainable fashion industry

Canepa has carried out nine different projects over the last ten years – some of which have been completed, while others are still in progress – all focused on making the production chain more sustainable. The purposes, objectives and results of these nine projects have all been compiled in Canepa Sustainability Insight 2017, a detailed account of the journey taken by Canepa to improve the sustainability of its products, internal processes and the production chain. In 2008, using a pioneering approach, researchers and technicians set themselves the ultimate goal of achieving products of excellent quality with the lowest possible environmental impact. Indeed, this is the aim of the research and development department CanepaEvolution. Canepa is currently going through an historic moment, upheld as a benchmark both for the quality of its products and for its principled approach to saving resources. This is highlighted by its continued commercial relationships with leading brands in the retail, sportswear and luxury sectors which believe in the quality and performance of their textiles and their commitment to protecting the environment. The cornerstone project is SAVEtheWATER-Kitotex® which allows the consumption of water and energy to be reduced by up to 90%. Moreover, Canepa was the first textile company to sign up to the Greenpeace Detox campaign, eliminating harmful substances from production processes. As well as these two programmes, which are still in progress, the other projects set out in Canepa Sustainability Insight 2017 are: PVA-Free Textiles, Methacrylamide-Free Silk, Renewable Energy, Recycling and EPR, Greenlab, and Accountability.


Published on 29 May 2017

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