The London College of Fashion hosts Canepa

Meetings and conferences on the topic of sustainability

Canepa is redoubling its efforts to work alongside important international organisations in the fashion sector. The goal is to develop collaboration partners to raise awareness of the need to create more sustainable production processes. Last week, meetings were held at the London College of Fashion at the University of the Arts – one of the most highly-regarded schools in the field of fashion design – with Canepa being represented by Alfonso Saibene Canepa (Supply Chain and Sustainability director) and Maurizio Ribotti (Head of Marketing and Communication), while Jose Teunissen (Head of the School of Design and Technology), Katarina Rimarcikova (Senior Lecturer, Subject Leader: Fashion Arts) and Amanda Johnston (Academic Coordinator) represented the LCF. The central focus of the meetings were the initiatives taken by Canepa for a more transparent production system free of harmful substances, which aroused great interest among the students eager to get involved in future collaborations on joint projects. The lecture held at the London College of Fashion is the third in a series of activities organised throughout the year: in April, some students visited the headquarters of Canepa and, during the Hyères Festival in France, Alfonso Saibene Canepa and Maurizio Ribotti were on a panel, organised by the University and aimed at students, entitled "Sustainability as a competitive driver for a more transparent future in the clothing textile supply chain”.


Published on 25 November 2016

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