In-vestments in health "Fashion Clean"

Canepa supports Lilt

LILT - Provincial Section of Lecco non-profit organization to complement the activities relating to Trendy & Safe Project, organized a day of information and awareness on cancer prevention of skin cancer and other skin diseases associated with the use of clothing not certificates, forged or from countries with different regulations about and often with few restrictions on the use of harmful or toxic substances.
The project, named Safe & Trendy is an information campaign launched by LILT in some schools in the province with the aim of spreading the acquisition of healthy lifestyles and responsible, sensitizing young people and increasing their awareness in relation to the purchase and to the use of fabrics and clothing not harmful to health.
During the conference 'IN-VEST IN HEALTH - The clean fashion' have alternated speakers and prominent guests, such as dermatologists and oncologists whose interventions have aimed to illustrate the various risks due to toxic substances used in the textile production chain.
The sponsoring companies, along with the national organization 'Textiles and Health' and to representatives of the most advanced Italian companies in the search for organic treatments and in the production of environmentally friendly materials and reduced emissions and water consumption, have reported on the various studies and achievements in the field of secure fashion Made in Italy, by searching for alternative treatments, organic and non-toxic.


Published on 16 May 2016

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