Sustainability through energy savings in 2015

Solar energy facilities and technological improvements

Since 2008, Canepa has been making significant investment in research and development to create a more environmentally-sustainable supply chain. The first fruit of this commitment was the key innovation in the production process thanks to the SAVEtheWATER® project which led to large savings in terms of energy, water and CO2, as well as a dramatic reduction in the levels of harmful and polluting substances. However, Canepa’s endeavour to save energy did not stop there.

The last two years have seen huge changes and further progress. In 2014/2015, Canepa’s energy savings were focused on solar power facilities, the installation of inverters in the weaving room’s air treatment system and the optimisation of the compressed air system. This objective led Canepa to make a series of changes, such as for instance, the installation of inverters in the weaving room’s air treatment system. This is a new technology which works only when energy is actually required. During 2014, one of the two air treatment systems in the weaving room was replaced, enabling electric motors to be inverted, thus saving 146 MWh in 2015. The second improvement involved the optimisation of the compressed air system which underwent two main modifications. The first enabled timers to be set on the compressors to prevent them from operating outside working hours (e.g. on Sunday, the weaving room is not operational and the compressors therefore switch off). The second change involved the replacement of the air distribution network to eliminate waste.

Many companies have already adopted specific measures to deliver energy savings. Canepa’s commitment also saw the installation of a solar energy system which produces 866 MWh of energy in total, of which 657 MWh is used by the company, while the rest is sent back into the network.


Published on 18 March 2016

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