Smart Conversation @Premiere Vision Paris

Canepa’s speech to the Première Vision Paris panel on sustainability

A roaring success for the “Smart Conversation” panel which took place at Première Vision Paris, the international fashion and textile show. With a focus on innovation and sustainability in the textile industry, the panel saw contributions from Carlo Sorrenti, R&D Director at Tod’s Group, Alfonso Saibene Canepa, Supply Chain and Sustainability Director at Canepa, Andrès Franco, Associate Director of Communications at P&G Europe Fabric Care and Chantal Malingrey, Director of Marketing and Development at Première Vision Paris. During the round table discussion Alfonso Saibene Canepa talked about his company’s experience in working for environmental sustainability. The company has been investing in this area since 2008 by developing ecological patents and investing in innovations to the industrial processes involving fundamental resources such as water. The patented SAVEtheWATER® process, created by CanepaEvolution research laboratories, enables significant savings of water, energy and CO2, as well as a complete elimination of toxic substances.

This new industrial process shows how Canepa is making its expertise available to third parties through licensing agreements with companies and partners in the textile and clothing sector. It also highlights how it is able to create value for the entire community. Canepa’s long-term objective is to create a range of innovative patents which share the characteristic of competitive innovation for the protection of the environment. What sets Canepa apart in this approach is the decision to transform patents into out-and-out brands. This strategy has started to bear fruit and in this regard positions the company as a first mover in the textile and clothing sector. This has resulted in a quality jump in the sector: the mental approach towards marketing and communication has completely changed in favour of a holistic strategy focusing on constructive dialogue with all the stakeholders of the group on an increasingly international scale.


Published on 19 February 2016

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