Fabric Div.

Excellence in fabrics is Canepa’s trademark

With its fabric division, Canepa is one of the leading names in Italian manufacturing for top international stylists. For over 50 yearsit has beenrecognized for singular reliability and quality in producing silk fabrics for the high-end market segment.

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Ties Div.

The Tie: a symbol of Style

Canepa is the market leader in Jacquard and printedtie fabrics. In terms of finished product, every year it produces over 1 million ties, while customers have always been the big names in the high-end international market.

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Knitted Fabrics Div.

The world-famous Italian knitted fabrics

The knitted fabrics division is one of the most important in the world, with a production facility among the few on an international level, for which Canepa has an unparalleled know-know.

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Soft accessories Div.

Creativity that leaves its mark

More than expert in the finished product,those which are defined as neckwear accessories, they are a part of our core business and therefore a great source of pride, along with ties division, the soft accessories division has, over the years, created products of the highest quality. Inspired by the tradition of silk, it offers scarves and foulards in silk, wool, cashmere, cotton, linen and other fine fabrics, paying particular attention to innovative and environmentally sustainable industrial processes.

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Beachwear Div.

Excellence in every Season

Even for a company with know-how in silk fabrics such as Canepa, creating a new division in the area of beachwear fashion has always been a big challenge. However, thanks to our passionate, highly skilled team and our goal of providing more space for Made in Italy items across all textile sectors, our company has not only succeeded in this challenge but we continue to stand out from the crowd with our quality and style.

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Furnishing Div.

Furnish with Class, beginning with fabrics

In 1999 Canepa opened its furnishings division. The aim was to cover an area seemingly quite different from clothing, but a long history in the textiles sector has ensured the success of this new business line.

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